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Blue Slip Check

GS Mechanical is an authorized unregistered safety inspection mechanical workshop. If you require a blue slip safety check for your car, motorcycle, caravan or trailer speak to our mechanics today!

The authorised unregistered vehicle inspection (aka. Blue Slip) is used to verify that a vehicle that is unregistered / has been out of registration for more than 3 months is safe to drive and is also a design check. Confirming the engine and VIN numbers match the description of the vehicles make and model.  Similar to the e-safety check, this inspection is more comprehensive and conducted to confirm the road worthiness and design of a vehicle.

All unregistered vehicles require a blue slip safety check prior to being registered in New South Wales. Some cases where a blue slip safety inspection may be required are:

What situations would require a blue slip safety check over an e-safety check?

  • Vehicles brought to NSW from interstate or imported from overseas
  • A vehicle with no number plate or been out of registration for over 3 months
  • Vehicles that require a defect notice to be cleared or were previously written off and now approved for rego
  • Brand new or auction vehicles that have never been registered before

Authorised Blue Slip Rego Check Provider

Our friendly staff can give you more information and advice on the blue slip inspections over the phone, call 4942 1402 today!

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