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Vehicle Log Book Service

GS Mechanical is an authorised log book vehicle service provider, so when we service your car the manufacturer’s warranty is left intact.

Logbook services or manufacturer’s handbook service as its otherwise known is a comprehensive scheduled vehicle service that is usually recommended by your cars manufacturer. The manufacturer will recommend that a service is done after a specific period of time or after the vehicle has done a certain number of kilometres to ensure your vehicle is operating safely and functioning smooth.

At GS Mechanical we work hard to give you the best pricing with better than dealership quality work. We don’t believe in compromising on quality by using cheap low end parts and ensure that only high quality parts and oils are used.

In addition to our exceptional service we provide a loan car to ensure minimal inconvenience to you. Does your vehicle need a logbook service? Speak to our friendly team mechanics today on (02) 4942 1402


We Keep Your Car Manufacturer’s Warranty Intact!

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What's Involved In A Log Book Service

Each logbook service and what’s involved can depend on the make of your vehicle, but generally this service includes all aspects of a standard service like:

  • Changing engine oil & oil filter
  • Check other fluids and top up where required (eg: coolant)
  • Check radiator hoses
  • Check radiator hoses
  • Check radiator hoses
  • Check the fan belts and timing belts
  • Check vehicle steering
  • Check suspensions and tyre pressure
  • Inspecting and adjusting brakes
  • Check the car battery and lights
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