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Clutch Repair Services

Our qualified mechanics are experts at clutch repair and can repair all types of clutch problems.

The clutch is an essential component of your vehicle and serves the purpose of linking your engine to its transmission. The friction between the moving parts can result in the clutch wearing down over time, this may require a clutch replacement.

How do I know if my clutch needs repair?

If you are noticing any of the following it could indicate a problem with the vehicle’s clutch, meaning your clutch requires repair or replacement:

  • Clutch pedal goes down to floor
  • Difficulty getting the vehicle into gear
  • Car is leaking fluid
  • Clutch is slipping while you drive
  • Increased engine revs with no change in speed
Clutch Repair & Clutch Kit Replacements Services

We do both clutch repair, clutch cable repairs and even complete clutch kit replacements. Speak to our team on (02) 4942 1402 to find out more!

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